Xanthi clock tower (Ottoman era)
Welcome to my webpage!

I'm a computer scientist at the Institute of Information Technologies of Gebze Technical University.

Besides some teaching, I conduct research on color & hyperspectral image analysis, using mostly mathematical morphology.
My hometown
30.01.2018: New Tübitak 1001 project on the deep learning and remote sensing classification applied to calculating water pollution maps! I'm looking for motivated MSc and PhD students.

12.12.2017: I'm a guest editor at the upcoming special issue on Image Retrieval in Remote Sensing at the Remote Sensing Journal! Deadline for submissions 30/9/2018.

18.10.2017: An introductory tutorial on spectral-spatial pixel classification at DataIstanbul; Part 1 Part 2

01.10.2017: Some interviews on Image Processing, Deep Learning and misc topics (TR).

28.07.2017: Summer school slides (mSPARSA 2017) on morphological pixel classification: download

Gebze Technical University
Institute of Information Technologies
Office #253,
Gebze, 41400
Kocaeli, Turkey
+90 262 605 22 22
+90 262 653 84 90