7) Principal Investigator, Deeply learned attribute profiles for the classification of remote sensing images, In collaboration with Sema Ariman from Samsun OMU, Tübitak Grant 1001, 2018-2020.
6) Principal Investigator, Content based description and retrieval of hyperspectral remote sensing images, Tübitak Grant 1001, 2016-2018.
5) Researcher, Melt pond detection from sea-ice SAR data, led by Phil Hwang from the Scottish Association for Marine Science, UK, 2015.
4) Researcher, Content Based Image Retrieval for Plant Identification, led by Berrin Yanikoglu from Sabanci University, Tübitak Grant 1001, 2014-2016.
3) Principal Investigator, Hyperspectral remote sensing data description through multivariate mathematical morphology, Tübitak Grant 3501, 2013-2016.
2) Researcher, Hydraulic Steering System Design for Semi-trailers, TIRSAN, Sakarya, 2013.
1) Researcher, The Okan Autonomous Vehicle Project, led by Tevfik Akgun from Okan University, 2010-2011.